Four benefits of homeownership

Posted on Dec 10, 2015 |

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make in a lifetime. While it does come with more responsibility, there also a lot of benefits of homeownership that you might want to consider as you make your decision. These benefits include the following:

You have the opportunity to build wealth. Still renting an apartment, condo, or house? If so, the money you’re paying your landlord could be used to build your own wealth by owning a home. Keep in mind as you shop for a new home that the home you buy is one that you can afford. If you can manage to keep your mortgage payment in the ballpark of your current rent payment, you may get a little extra sleep at night knowing the living expenses you pay each month are going toward a property you may one day own.

You can receive tax benefits as a homeowner. There are several tax benefits you can receive as a homeowner. These may include a mortgage tax deduction, a property tax deduction and/or closing cost deductions.

You can build your credit. As you make an on time mortgage payment every month, you can build a strong credit history.  With stronger credit comes a stronger possibility that you will be able to take out additional loans for making home improvements, buying a car or for other major expenses.

You can create the home you want. Being a homeowner allows you to have the freedom to do whatever you want with your home. This includes painting your walls the colors you want and even remodeling your kitchen or other outdated areas of your home. You’ll be able to feel like your home is truly yours, a feeling you won’t get by renting a place.

Rainey Homes has plenty of options to choose from that can fit within your budget. You’ll be able to experience all of the advantages homeownership has to offer along with a home that will last for many years to come. If you’re interested in learning more about our homes, leave a comment or visit our website.

Super Bowl 12/10

Posted on Dec 10, 2015 |

Want to be the envy of your neighborhood on Super Bowl Sunday? Enter our new contest today to score free catering and a new flat screen TV for Super Bowl 50!

Grey is the New Black

Posted on Dec 9, 2015 |

Forget the popular Netflix show, “Orange is the New Black.” Countertops, wooden paneling and paint colors in grey are taking over in 2015.

Enjoy entertaining? We have several spacious floor plans, perfect for any large gatherings.

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Daybreak Lakeside inspired homes

Posted on Dec 7, 2015 |

Want to live by a lake? Our lakeside-inspired homes in Daybreak, complete with wrap-around porches and plenty of windows, provide for a beautiful and unique living experience. See for yourself by visiting our model home.

Cambria Farmhouse: A home that feels like living on a farm

Posted on Dec 5, 2015 |

Do you love a home that feels like you’re living on a farm even though you’re in a suburb? Our Cambria Farmhouse has a lot of character with two covered porches in the front and back, custom European cabinets, Formica countertops and more.

Super Bowl launch

Posted on Dec 4, 2015 |

Football fanatic or just a fan of the Super Bowl commercials — we’ve just launched an exciting new giveaway for you! Check out our Super Bowl Contest and sign up to host the Big Game in style!


Being a good neighbor can be as simple as minding your manners.

Posted on Dec 4, 2015 |

Being a good neighbor can be as simple as minding your manners.

Checking mortgage rates is an important step you should take before buying a home. Here are rates for Utah:

Posted on Dec 3, 2015 |

The benefits of green building practices

Posted on Dec 2, 2015 |

Why should you look for homes constructed using green building practices? Green building is becoming more important to homeowners and society in general all across the U.S.

Most of us understand the importance of protecting the environment. But building homes with environmentally friendly construction materials and using sustainable building practices also benefits home buyers. That’s because green building creates a healthier indoor environment and results in lower utility costs.


Environmentally friendly housing begins with planning the community, taking into account factors such as water run-off and local natural habitat for wildlife. Placement of storm sewers to conserve wetlands, for example, not only protects potentially endangered species, it also plays an important role in flood control.

Laying out streets to avoid traffic jams and to encourage more commuters to walk can have a significant impact on emissions. Trees and other plants in parks, at schoolyards and along roads and walking paths filter air and provide cool shade in hot weather, reducing the urban ”heat island“ effect. And, of course, they make the neighborhood more visually appealing, boosting quality of life.


Home builders who are mindful of green building practices can reduce energy consumption, water use and the tonnage that goes into landfills.

Concrete has long been recognized as an building material with excellent insulation properties. On the other hand, producing a ton of concrete results in a ton of carbon dioxide emissions, and the process uses a lot of water and hazardous chemicals. Concrete also forms a significant proportion of material in landfills. Recycled concrete can be used for non-structural areas such as driveways, reducing the waste stream, carbon dioxide emissions, and power and water consumption.

Green builders also are mindful of the life-cycle assessment of their materials. This means they need to consider how long their materials will last and what happens to them when they reach the end of their useful lives. Will they simply go to a landfill? Or can they be recycled or repurposed in a more sustainable way?

Green building practices also include selecting materials that last longer.
A good builder can position a home to take advantage of sunlight and wind direction for any natural cooling and heating through the design of the roof, windows and doors.


The main benefits of green building practices, though, go to the homeowner. Not only do these homes use less energy to heat and cool, but they also are more comfortable.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average home in Utah uses 8964 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year.

Better insulation, better doors and windows, and other construction materials can reduce residential heating and cooling costs by as much as 50 percent.

Innovations and growing awareness of materials have improved the indoor environment, as well. For example, new paints, innovative floor coverings and other materials inside homes have lower emissions of volatile organic compounds and other chemicals that can cause health issues over time.

Then consider the resale value of homes constructed using green building practices. Lower heating and cooling costs, coupled with higher durability, make them desirable to other buyers, boosting resale value.


Green construction practices are just better all around. First, they help the environment, protect natural habitats and create communities that are not only sustainable but also more attractive, enjoyable and healthy. Green construction produces less waste for landfills, use less energy and therefore produce less carbon dioxide emissions. They also use less water.

For you, the homeowner, sustainable building result in a healthier, longer-lasting home that costs less to maintain.

It’s a real win-win. And if you’d like to learn more about green construction practices, be sure to visit the Rainey Homes website.